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Компания Zikam tech: искусственный камень и элитная тротуарная плитка. Оборудование и технологии для высокорентабельного бизнеса

Открылся ИНТЕРНЕТ-МАГАЗИН: формы для искусственного камня. Все цены на силиконовые (полиуретановые) формы для гипса и бетона - в фотокаталоге.

    Polyurethane and silicone molds for production artificial stone of concrete/plaster


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    Polyurethane and silicone molds for production artificial stone of concrete/plaster

    Сообщение автор Информатор в 2015-06-21, 04:42

    Photo catalog and price of rubber molds for artificial stone veneer - download: https://yadi.sk/d/kc1QjU05gys6V

    Zikam Stone - technological company in the field of artificial stone veneer. We produce elastomeric molds, special equipment, unique raw materials for fabricated ornamental stone made of concrete. And, of course, we teach our customers to get the quality and unrivalled products.

    Artificial stone veneer is the most accurate simulation of natural facing stone. This stone is made of cement or gypsum. Artificial stone made of cement is used for facing of facades of buildings. Decorative stone plaster is the ideal material for finishing interior spaces. Façade stone strong and durable material. Interior stone eco-friendly and pleasant to the touch.
    Usually cultured stone is produced in the form of stone or masonry. If the artificial stone is made qualitatively, it is impossible to distinguish from natural material. It may be a clutch of old brick or cobblestone, limestone walls or rocky ledge, antique ceramic plates or wooden planks. Any imagination in design can be realized in the technology of artificial stone!


    1. Molds for artificial stone is made of polyurethane rubber and silicone rubber of the highest quality. This means: durable rubber forms (at least 2 years of continuous operation) and exceptional detail of the micro relief. Rubber mould Zikam Stone suitable for professional use.

    2. A huge range of models of artificial stone. This is a decorative wall of masonry facing stone and brick, modern 3d-panel, large-format panels of decorative stone and stone wood, ultra slim and flexible stone Wallpaper, elite paving slabs and pavers. As well as elements of architectural decor, antique columns, decorative lamps. And much more. Ask for photo catalogs Zikam Stone!

    3. All models of cultured stone are developed in the workshops of the company Zikam Stone. This is the company's intellectual property. This means that the rubber forms are of the highest quality. And that means you will never have problems with intellectual property for products made of artificial stone.

    4. Zikam Stone produces a raw material with unique properties for artificial stone. For example, additives for gypsum. These additives make the durable and water-resistant gypsum. Or, for example, raw materials for the production of thin and flexible facing panels made of cement. This raw material will allow you to have a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of decorative facing materials.

    5. We are always open to new suggestions! Zikam Stone accepts orders for non-standard products of polyurethane and silicone rubbers. For example, turn to us for the manufacture of molds for decorative concrete slabs very large size. Our experts can solve various technical problems!

    6. Zikam Stone conducts master classes on production technology of artificial stone. Technology for a business or technology for mass production. We have no secrets from our clients!

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